Case Studies

Agricultural Contractor

Giles had accepted the money lent to him by his High Street Bank because it was unsecured he needed an overdraft cash flow was tight/seasonal they increased it to £65,000 the interest rate was around 12% pa But then his nice friendly local Bank Manager changed and Giles found himself under pressure to make significant lump sum reductions that he couldn’t afford – so he ignored their letters! Within weeks he found himself migrated into the bank’s Intensive Care Unit and on the receiving end of even more letters....

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Vehicle Repair

They really need help! the company accountant told us. I’ve got an Insolvency Practioner (IP) coming and I don’t know if we can save them which means two Directors and seven employees will be unemployed… Hall of Finance met with the Directors (and the IP) to agree us working on the following: outline a discussion draft rescue banking proposal accompany the directors to both bank and company meetings with prepared proposals using our banking skills and procedural knowledge to minimise input from them both and a speedy clearance through...

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IT Maintenance

Following the acquisition of his former business after two fellow directors abandoned work when times got tough; Jeff confided in his new business associate that he felt completely betrayed. Fortunately, Jeff’s new colleague worked with Hall of Finance (HOF) Consultants and knew they would be able to help sort out Bank issues. HOF very quickly got to grips with the situation and established that the bank debt was in the form of a loan: £20K at 19.9% pa in arrears by 3 monthly repayments of around £ 1,100 could...

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Property Holding

Over a year ago we met with a Thames Valley company to determine their future wealth strength and advised the Finance Director to be cautious with corporation capital. Recently we attended an emergency meeting with the very same Financial Director who explained: the liquidator of an associate company, that had failed two years before, announced they owed them over £73k (+ £3k solicitors costs) for an undervalued property transaction The transaction had taken place as part of an insolvency procedure, led by our clients’ accountants (but they themselves are...

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