Banking Services

Existing Facilities & Review of Terms

How do you know that you have a good or even acceptable deal on your existing borrowing arrangements? How safe is your overdraft facility and what does ‘repayable on demand’ really mean? We outline implications for your business and review all options; evaluating loans against overdraft facilities.

Personal Guarantee Review

Do you really understand what your personal guarantee liability means and what happens if the bank calls it in? Hall of Finance tailor repayment programmes to suit your budget in times of commercial and personal austerity.

Interest Rate Swap Support

Are you one of those businesses that took up such a deal in the mid 2000’s only to be left with quarterly margin calls that cripple cash flow? If so, we have good and bad news:

  • Good News – The FSA has ordered all banks to review these deals by April 2014 and consider whether or not compensation for miss-selling is appropriate.
  • Bad News – Who will represent you in these negotiations that have four or five bank officials at the negotiating table.

Our ex-bank manager is with you as ‘game keeper turned poacher ‘to help save money – operate negotiations with us on a sliding scale or fixed fee basis.

Collections/ Intensive Care Review

Missed loan repayments? Heard your relationship manager is no longer managing your account? We demystify the implications for your business and explain how can these will be managed.

Fit to Borrow

Do you have all the pieces in place for a good chance of success with a borrowing request? Do you know how a Bank’s Credit Scoring system works (it’s a bit like walking through a maze) we stop you getting lost.

Cash flow Management

Let us show you how to secure working capital that grows with your business – and help with managing funds when resorting to a bank overdraft.

New Facilities Proposal Preparation and Negotiation

What does your bank expect? Our team optimise business proposals to make them more viable.

11th Hour Support

Don’t know what to do or who to turn to about your current business or personal financial situation? Contact us for a low cost fact finding exercise that signposts the best way forwards.

External Support

We direct you towards our trusted professional associates who work with us to improve systems and mitigate losses.

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